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Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Curry School of Education: Facilities and Services

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Bavaro Hall, Memorial Gym, and Ruffner Hall house the majority of the Curry School of Education’s academic facilities and offices. However, during the renovation of Ruffner Hall (scheduled to be complete after the 2013-14 academic year), Curry classes and labs will be held in other buildings on Grounds, including the nearby Dell Buildings. Most of the faculty who do not have offices in Bavaro Hall are temporarily located in Olsson Hall. Bavaro Hall offers a number of flexible meeting areas that allow for collaboration between and among students and faculty.

The Athletic Training Clinic provides therapy for the University’s athletic teams. The clinic provides practica for both graduate and undergraduate students. It is located in the McCue Center, adjacent to University Hall.

The Center for Technology and Teacher Education is a cross-disciplinary institute with collaborating faculty drawn from several disciplines, including educational technology, teacher education, and policy studies. One goal of the center is to identify and develop educational technologies that can be integrated into teacher education curricula. An equally important goal is to prepare the next generation of educational technology leaders. Graduate fellows affiliated with the center are expected to serve in leadership positions in school districts, state education agencies, and teacher preparation programs.

The Curry Library and Innovation Commons (CLIC), located on the third floor of Bavaro Hall until summer 2014, when it returns to Ruffner Hall. The CLIC houses  education handbooks and reference materials, collaborative work stations, a computer lab, a study zone, and more.

The Exercise and Sport Injury Laboratory conducts research in the areas of prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of injuries associated with exercise, sport and physical activity.

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory is housed in Memorial Gym and is used to teach methodology and to conduct research using graded exercise testing, anthropometric and body composition measures, and exercise training interventions and clinical application.

The Sheila Johnson Center for Human Services, housed in Bavaro Hall, is a multidisciplinary clinic providing faculty-supervised training for masters, doctoral and post-doctoral students; clinical service delivery to the region; and clinical research opportunities. Disciplines included are clinical and school psychology, speech/language/hearing, reading, and counseling (including career/vocational assessment and guidance).
Comprehensive, evidence-based assessment services are provided for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Center staff include faculty with particular expertise in learning disorders (especially reading/writing), attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders, speech and language disorders, auditory processing disorders, anxiety disorders, phobic disorders, and more general behavior disorders, including violence and other forensic issues. Interventions offered through the Center include individual and family therapy, speech and language therapy, reading/writing problem remediation, and school and other organizational consultation.