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Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Reading Course Listings

How to Reading Course Listings

Courses listed in this catalog have been approved by the faculties of the schools in which the courses are taught. Only courses which have been approved by the faculty are eligible for academic credit. The following information introduces the components of the course descriptions listed in each school’s section.

Course Numbering System



100-999   Non-credit, non-degree: courses, offered primarily by Continuing and Professional Studies, that do not apply to a degree program. 

Lower-level intermediate undergraduate courses. Generally, there are no prerequisites. 

2000-2999   Introductory graduate level: courses for beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates.
3000-3999   Upper-level intermediate undergraduate courses. May have prerequisites. 

Upper-level advanced undergraduate courses. Usually have prerequisites or require instructor permission. 

5000-5999   Introductory-level graduate courses. 
6000-7999   Intermediate-level graduate and professional courses.
8000-9999   Advanced- level graduate and professional


Special Numbering The numbers _990-_999 in each thousand series (e.g., 2990, 4993, 8998) are designated for special usage as follows:

  • _990 Honors Courses
  • _991 Capstone Courses 
  • _993 Independent Study
  • _995 Research courses 
  • _998 not used, except for 4998, 8998, and 9998 (8998 and 9998 are research-rate courses for the graduate programs)
    • 4998 Undergraduate Thesis
    • 8998 Thesis Research (before advisor selected)
    • 9998 Dissertation Research (before advisor selected)
  • _999 not used, except for 4999, 8999, and 9999 (8999 and 9999 are research-rate courses for the graduate programs):
    • 4999 Undergraduate Thesis
    • 8999 Thesis Research (after advisor selected)
    • 9999 Dissertation Research (after advisor selected)

Independent Study and Supervised Research courses for undergraduates are topical in nature and generally not repeated; accordingly, they do not receive a continuing Record entry. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. Because the content of such courses changes each offering, students may retake these courses or higher numbered ones in a sequence.

Descriptions of courses numbered 5000 and above are listed in the Graduate Record.

Please note that not all courses listed in the Record are taught each semester.