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Summer Record 2005 
Summer Record 2005 [ARCHIVED RECORD]


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Current UVA Students


If you are enrolled in a degree program and taking courses at the University during Spring 2005, you need not apply for admission to Summer Session unless you are graduating in May. For College students academic suspension begins at the end of the spring semester and takes precedence over any earlier plans to attend Summer Session, here or elsewhere. Students placed on suspension who enroll in UVa Summer Session will have their registration cancelled.

Non-UVA Students


If you are not enrolled at the University during Spring 2005, are on a leave of absence, or are taking courses through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, you must complete an application for admission to the Summer Session. Return the completed application to the Summer Session Office, University of Virginia, P.O. Box 400161, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4161 two weeks prior to enrolling in courses. Summer Session students are subject to the University of Virginia’s academic, financial, and non-academic rules and regulations. Students enrolled in a UVa Summer Session course are expected to attend each class meeting.

Undergraduates If you want to enroll for undergraduate study and have not been admitted to an undergraduate degree program at the University, please apply for admission as an Unclassified Student. You must certify that you are a high school graduate or have had equivalent preparation. Undergraduates from other institutions should also apply for admission as Unclassified Students. Admission to the Summer Session does not constitute admission to the University, nor does it allow students to register for the subsequent fall and spring semesters.

Graduates If you hold a bachelor’s degree and want to enroll for graduate study, are not in a graduate degree program at this University, and do not plan to pursue one here, please apply for admission as a Visiting Graduate Student. If instead you want to begin work toward a graduate degree or other program at this University, you must apply directly to the appropriate graduate school in advance of Summer Session registration. For application deadlines, contact the school to which you will be submitting your application for the academic year. Admission to the Summer Session does not constitute admission to the University, nor does it allow students to register for the subsequent fall and spring semesters.

Exceptions Any exceptions, of the above, require the approval of the Director of the Summer Session in consultation with the Dean of the school concerned.

International Studies Office


Minor Hall, Second Floor; P.O. Box 400165, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4165; phone (434) 982-3010; fax (434) 982-3011; www.virginia.edu/iso. The International Studies Office (ISO) is a University-wide resource that is central to UVa’s international mission by developing and coordinating activities and services designed to create and enhance a globally aware, culturally diverse education and research environment. The ISO comprises the University’s International Student and Scholar Programs, the International Center, and Study Abroad Programs.

International Student and Scholar Program Students and scholars who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents are subject to U.S. Department of State (DOS) and U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) regulations. ISO supports the University’s international students and scholars by advising on matters related to acquiring and maintaining lawful presence in the U.S. ISO also supports international students and scholars with their transition to American society and culture, and advises on all matters of concern to our international community.

ISO administers the F-1 visa program for all University students and the J-1 visa program for all University schools and departments.

Full time study at the University of Virginia requires one to hold legal status in the U.S. that permits such study. Full time study constitutes enrollment in a minimum of two courses per summer session. Students who wish to study on a part time basis (one course) may do so with a tourist visa, as long as the courses do not contribute to an educational objective, but are avocational in nature. Students admitted to a University degree program may attend Summer Session prior to enrolling in the fall. Admitted students considering this option must contact ISO to discuss early issuance of the relevant visa documents.

Students with F-1 visas sponsored by another institution may attend Summer Session without changing their visa sponsor as long as they intend to enroll in the host institution again in the fall. Students with J-1 visas sponsored by another institution must consult with the appropriate officials at the host institution regarding their summer study plans. Except for select foreign language courses, all classes at the University are taught in English.

Readmission If you have been absent from the University for a semester or more, you must be formally readmitted to the regular fall or spring session. To do so, you must be cleared by your academic dean, the Department of Student Health, and the Office of the Dean of Students. Applications for readmission to most schools are due in the academic dean’s office at least sixty days in advance of the next class registration of the University; for readmission to the College, the deadline for Fall 2005 is August 1, 2005. Enrollment in the Summer Session does not constitute readmission to the University.