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Graduate Record 2022-2023 
Graduate Record 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Real Estate Design and Development Certificate

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The Real Estate Design and Development certificate is designed to provide graduate students in the University of Virginia (UVA) School of Architecture with specific knowledge and skills regarding the economic, financial, social, and legal dimensions of private for-profit and non-profit real estate and property development. Students will gain foundational knowledge of real estate practice, and learn to harness and integrate building form, design, financing innovation and development. Graduate students will be able to analyze local property markets, conceptualize appropriate projects, test their financial feasibility, engage with key stakeholders, and move through public approval processes into product delivery.


All students must apply to the Real Estate Design and Development certificate. The following admissions requirements will apply to all applicants:

  • Application Form
  • Completed at least one semester in a graduate degree program in the School of Architecture with good academic standing.

No transfer credits will be accepted.

 Curriculum Requirements

The Real Estate Design and Development Certificate consists of 16 credit hours of graduate level courses

The curriculum will provide a core foundation in the knowledge and skills required in real estate property development.  The core courses will provide specific background and education in key facets of the real estate development cycle, including land use planning, policy and regulation; real estate finance and investment; and project design and implementation. Students will also learn to analyze and navigate the economic, political, social, physical, and environmental issues that surface in complex real estate development projects. 

Students will be required to participate in a studio course. They will have the opportunity to collaborate on a team and apply the knowledge and skills they have obtained to a real-life real estate development project, including preparation of the materials necessary for site analysis and design, project finance, and public approval.   

Program Requirements

Number of Credit Hours: 16 credit hours of graduate level courses.

Core Courses – 13 credits


PLAN 5230 - Design Dimensions of Real Estate, Credits: 3  

PLAN 5220 - Real Estate Finance Fundamentals, Credits: 3  


Restricted Electives – 3 credits







PLAN 6060 - Collaborative Planning Process for Sustainability - Credits: 3