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Graduate Record 2023-2024 
Graduate Record 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Athletic Training, M.S.

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Students complete 67 hours of coursework during the 24-month, intensive program. All courses provide instruction related to Athletic Training and related health care professions. Courses are designed to meet the CAATE standards and competencies in each content area of 1) Evidence-Based Practice, 2) Prevention and Health Promotion, 3) Clinical Examination and Diagnosis 4) Acute Care of Injury and Illness, 5) Therapeutic Interventions, 6) Psychosocial Strategies and Referral 7) Healthcare Administration, and 8) Professional Development and Responsibility.

Program Requirements

Students take 47 credits of didactic courses, 17 clinical practicum and 3 thesis or independent research credits. All students will complete a scholarly project as part of their graduate experience. All courses provide instruction related to Athletic Training and are taught by athletic training faculty for professional athletic training students.

Required Courses

Culminating Experience


Students in the program have the option of pursuing a thesis or completing a substantive scholarly project (i.e., systematic review, case study, critically appraised topic) that is suited for submission for publication in a peer reviewed journal. The thesis option will be available for students who want to engage in further study to prepare for research careers in athletic training. Students who do not enroll in KINE 8999 for Thesis credit will take an independent study class that will encompass the completion of their scholarly project, (ie Critically Appraised Topic, Case study series, Literature review, Systematic review, Best Evidence manuscript). Topics must be performed in the area of expertise of one of the core athletic training faculty members.


If students select the scholarly Project option, this may include but not limited to a systematic review, meta- analysis, critically appraised topic, case study series, best practice etc., under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Students must resister for KINE 5993 Independent Study in their final semester and will attend class once a week to maintain progress on their project. Students must work with their advisor and second reader to finalize their project.  Students will be evaluated by the athletic training faculty on their final written project and presentation of the project. 


If students elect to complete a thesis they must do so only with approval from their advisor and after they have completed at least 18 credits of the program. For the thesis option, students are required to work with a committee of two faculty members. It is the responsibility of the student to form a thesis committee. The committee must be formed at least 9 months before the desired graduation. The thesis director and at least one of the committee members must be faculty in the Department of Kinesiology. The thesis topic must fall within one of the areas of faculty expertise within the department. Students must register for KINE 8999 Thesis seminar in their final semester while working on their thesis. Students must develop a proposal and have it approved by their committee and by the appropriate University committees before undertaking their project.