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Undergraduate Record 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Record 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

American Sign Language


Since we offer only a limited sequence of courses, no major in ASL is currently available at the University.


In order to apply for the Minor in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, students should meet or email the Director of the ASL Program. At that time the students and the Director will discuss the student’s plans for how ASL relates to their academic study and career plans and complete a worksheet outlining the requirements completed and the requirements the student plans to take before his/her expected graduation date. Upon completion of the minor coursework, the student will meet again with the Director to complete a declaration form that will be signed by the Director and then submitted by the student to the registrar of his/her school.

Requirements Minor

The Minor in ASL and Deaf Culture consists of 18 credit hours above the ASL 2020 level and must include ASL 3010 Conversational ASL, and ASL 4750 Topics in Deaf Studies.  A grade or C or better must be earned in each of these courses. Up to 6 credits may be transferred from other institutions in the USA or abroad upon prior approval of the Director of the American Sign Language Program. Independent Study in ASL may be counted toward the minor upon approval of the Director.  Non-ASL courses (e.g, LNGS, ANTH, EDHS) having significant relation to ASL or having a significant focus or major project involving ASL may also be counted towards the minor upon approval of the Director.

Required Courses

Qualifying electives

Other Courses

The following list includes additional courses which could qualify as an elective for the minor program. Other courses can be added with the approval of the Director of the American Sign Language Program.

Language Requirement

Students who successfully complete or place out of ASL 2020 may use ASL for their foreign language requirement.

Additional Information

For more information, consult the program website or contact Greg Propp, Director of the ASL Program, at gp5c@virginia.edu.