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Undergraduate Record 2010-2011 
Undergraduate Record 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED RECORD]


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Nursing Degree Program

Traditional Program Students are admitted to the School of Nursing as first-year students or as second or third-year transfer students after completing prerequisite general education courses at other institutions or in one of the other undergraduate schools at U.Va.

Education Requirements for traditional BSN Curriculum

3 or 6 credits FWR (ENWR 1505/1506 or 1510 or 2520)
3 credits SWR (can simultaneously fulfill area requirement)
12 credits Natural Science/Math
9 credits Humanities/Fine arts
9 credits Social Science/History
13 credits Electives (if taken FWR - ENWR 1505 and 1506)
16 credits Electives (if taken FWR - ENWR 1510 or 2520)
19 credits Electives (if FWR has been waived)
49 general education credits
71 nursing credits

120 total


Curriculum: Traditional

70 nursing credits, 49 general education credits

R.N. to B.S.N. Option

The baccalaureate program includes a uniquely tailored curriculum for students who are graduates of community college and hospital schools and are licensed registered nurses (R.N.). The program consists of a one year full-time option that can also be completed in one and one-half years, or a two or three-year pattern. Students enroll in 30 credits at the University of Virginia, and upon completion of selected courses, receive 38 credits for prior learning as an R.N. Courses in the program include both theory and clinical courses designed specifically for R.N. students. Students must meet prerequisite general education requirements prior to admission as outlined in chapter 2, and thus complete a grand total of 120 semester credits for the baccalaureate degree. Once admitted, students work with a faculty advisor to create a plan of study to best meet their academic and professional goals. Classes are offered in flexible formats (e.g. once a week, partially on-line, some weekends) to allow students to maintain employment while completing the B.S.N. The program provides a foundation for professional practice and for further education such as graduate study for advanced practice or preparation as a clinical leader or teacher.

Curriculum: R.N. to B.S.N.

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