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Undergraduate Record 2010-2011 
Undergraduate Record 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Naval ROTC

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The Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Unit at the University of Virginia was established in 1940 and graduated its first class in 1943. It is one of 60 NROTC units that have been established in universities and colleges throughout the United States. A student who enrolls in the unit must complete the required courses and earn a bachelors degree to qualify for a commission as an Ensign in the Navy or as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. There are two types of enrollees: scholarship or college program (non-scholarship). Although the NROTC program encourages students to earn degrees in engineering, math or science, students may also choose majors in other fields.


Department of Naval Science
Maury Hall
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400158
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4158
(434) 924-0970

Navy-Marine Scholarship Program

Students enter the program through nation-wide selection conducted by the Navy and Marine Corps. Benefits include tuition and fees, uniforms, $750 per year for textbooks, and a monthly stipend of $250 (1st year), $300 (2nd year), $350 (3rd year), and $400 (4th year). Scholarship students are required to complete a naval science course each semester and to attend NASC 4000 (Leadership Lab) two periods each week for eight semesters, in addition to three summer training periods of four to six weeks each.

Navy-Marine College Program

Students in this program are provided uniforms and naval science textbooks. During their third and fourth years, they receive a monthly stipend of $350 in the third year and $400 in their fourth year. College program students complete the same naval science courses as the scholarship students; however, they complete only one summer training period during their last year at the University. A majority of college program students are awarded scholarships after their first or second years, based on academic and NROTC performance.

Also, scholarships are available in a two-year format to any qualified student at the University. Students apply during the spring term of their second year. If accepted, they attend a six-week summer Naval Science Institute and enroll in the NROTC program at the beginning of their third academic year.

Naval Science Students

Inquiries concerning enrollment in the Naval ROTC unit should be addressed to the Professor of Naval Science, Maury Hall. Any student enrolled at the University may take naval science courses (subject to prerequisites) with the approval of the Department of Naval Science. These enrollees are not Naval ROTC students; however, they may be considered for enrollment upon request.

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