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Undergraduate Record 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Record 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

AIRS 2100 - The Evolution of Air and Space Power

Examines general aspects of air and space power through a historical perspective, from the first balloons and dirigibles through the Korean War. Presents historical examples of the development of Air Force capabilities and missions to demonstrate the evolution of what has become today’s USAF air and space power. Investigates several fundamental truths associated with war in the third dimension (e.g., Principles of War and Tenets of Air and Space Power). Considers the general element and employment of air and space power from institutional, doctrinal, and historical perspectives. Discusses the importance of Air Force core values using operational examples and historical Air Force leaders. Continues to develop communication skills. Corequisite: AIRS 100. (2 hrs.)

Credits: 1