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Graduate Record 2017-2018 
Graduate Record 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

AM 6220 - Waves

The topics covered are: plane waves; d’Alembert solution; method of characteristics; dispersive systems; wavepackets; group velocity; fully-dispersed waves; Laplace, Stokes, and steepest descents integrals; membranes, plates and plane-stress waves; evanescent waves; Kirchhoff’s solution; Fresnel’s principle; elementary diffraction; reflection and transmission at interfaces; waveguides and ducted waves; waves in elastic half-spaces; P, S, and Rayleigh waves; layered media and Love waves; slowly-varying media and WKBJ method; Time-dependent response using Fourier-Laplace transforms; some nonlinear water waves. Also cross-listed as MAE 6220. Prerequisite: MAE/AM 6020 Continuum Mechanics and Applications, or equivalent.

Credits: 3