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Undergraduate Record 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Record 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

MSE 4320 - Origins of Mechanical Behavior

Develops understanding of material deformation and fracture in response to mechanical loading. Engineering and scientific principles are integrated in an approach that includes: (a) material property phenomenology,(b) test methods, (c) causal mechanisms at the atomic defect to microstructure scale, (d) governing continuum mechanics equations, and (e) problem solving. Plastic deformation and creep are understood based on elasticity theory and dislocation concepts. Fatigue and fracture are understood based on continuum fracture mechanics and microstructural damage mechanisms. Special Topics provide capstone descriptions of content, and engage the student with future challenges and opportunities. Prerequisite: MSE 3060 or MSE 2090 plus instructor permission.

Credits: 3