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Undergraduate Record 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Record 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

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Contact Information

Zehmer Hall
104 Midmont Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22904
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For over 100 years, the University of Virginia’s extension programs have reached beyond Grounds to support our neighbors.  Early in its history, the School loaded rail cars with books and brought the library to remote corners of the Commonwealth.  It also offered a “School of Citizenship” across the Commonwealth to prepare women for voting when they won the right to vote.

It is an approach to higher education that erases distinctions of class, and race, and geographic distance.  The School’s name has changed over time, but its mission has remained consistent: to provide life-long learning to the people of Virginia.

The School Today

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) helps working adults finish their degrees and advance in their careers.  The School offers a variety of online and in-person programs designed for part-time, non-residential students.  There are many paths to a great education, and SCPS serves the millions of students who pursue their studies part-time while balancing other obligations, like work and family.

SCPS offers Bachelor’s degree completion programs, professional certificates, a Master’s in Public Safety, a Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical program, a Post Baccalaureate Accounting program and career-focused noncredit programs.

Off Grounds

Many of the School’s programs are offered online and are accessible throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.  The School has locations in: Charlottesville, Virginia Beach and the FBI National Academy Program in Quantico.

On Grounds

The administrative and primary academic programming offices of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies are housed in Zehmer Hall. Zehmer Hall also functions as a nonresidential center for conferences, seminars, workshops, and as a classroom building for degrees and courses offered in the Charlottesville area.

Additional Information

Certificate Programs

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers programs in specialized fields such as business, government, healthcare, and other professions that lead to the award of certificates. Generally, certificate programs require 12 to 24 credits of instruction. Admission requirements for undergraduate certificate programs include an on-line application, transcripts (where applicable), an application for Virginia In-State Education Privileges, and payment of the application fee. Only courses completed with a grade of C or better will count towards meeting the requirements of an undergraduate certificate.

Please consult the Departments/Programs section of this Record for more information about certificate programs or the School of Continuing and Professional Studies website: www.scps.virginia.edu

Degree Programs

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers two undergraduate degree programs, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) and Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM).

Please consult the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies or the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management section of this Record or the School of Continuing and Professional Studies website for additional information: www.scps.virginia.edu 

Post Baccalaureate Programs

The UVA Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program is designed for individuals with exceptional academic records who have not fulfilled their pre-medical prerequisites as an undergraduate and seek the science coursework which will enable them to apply to medical school. This full-time, twelve month program’s focus is the education and immersion of students in the pre-medical science curriculum and the medical field through volunteering and shadowing opportunities. The Program includes MCAT preparation materials and support and individual guidance throughout the medical school application process. The Post Bac Pre-Med Program is not designed to help students strengthen an otherwise weak academic record or to repeat pre-medical science course requirements.

The Accounting Post Baccalaureate Certificate Program is a 30-credit program intended to prepare students to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. The certificate will provide a foundation in accounting, auditing, taxation, and managerial finance. Upon completion of the certificate program, graduates will be able to apply financial and accounting principles and develop and interpret financial statements. Graduates will have the accounting background, knowledge, and skills to become a public accountant or work within an organization as an accountant.

For more information visit www.scps.virginia.edu.

Other Credit Opportunities

UVA Edge

The UVA Edge program was created by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences. It is a 3-semester, 20-credit online program designed for adult students who want to earn credits towards a college degree, gain technical and human skills for the workplace, and/or further develop critical thinking, writing, problem solving and other abilities associated with the liberal arts. This program is intended for students with little to no college experience. For more information visit the program at https://edge.virginia.edu/ 

UVA Launchpad

The UVA Launchpad program was created by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences and Summer Session. It is an 8-week program designed to prepare students for the world of work by combining liberal arts coursework, technical “bootcamp” style training, and career-focused projects. The program is comprised of 3, 2 undergraduate credit courses for a total of 6 credits. 

Noncredit Courses and Programs

Noncredit programs are designed for individuals interested in substantive intellectual activities, but who do not require additional credit or degree study. These offerings explore complex issues in formats suited to the distinctive educational agenda of each program of study.

The flexibility of noncredit programming permits faculty from different disciplines to share insights on subjects in a way that would not be possible in a traditional class format.

Noncredit programming fosters collaboration between University of Virginia faculty and renowned scholars from other institutions; political, cultural, and business leaders; and noted artists and authors. The School of Continuing and Professional Studies program developers work closely with other University faculty and with representatives of the client audience in designing programs to ensure that the University extends its teaching and research resources to the citizens of the Commonwealth and beyond.

Organizational representatives and individuals are encouraged to discuss their education and training needs with SCPS program directors, who can respond rapidly and effectively. For further information, consult our website at www.scps.virginia.edu

SCPS Custom Education


The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) works with organizations to educate the workforce of the future and to leverage its resources for the benefit of the citizens of the Commonwealth. In today’s knowledge-driven economy, SCPS is committed to actively engaging industry, government, and community groups to identify solutions that it is uniquely positioned to address. 

With custom programs and courses, SCPS helps organizations maintain their competitive edge by addressing their unique professional development needs and challenges. For decades, SCPS has utilized this customized approach to respond to the professional development needs of a wide variety of professions, including:

  • businesses and organizations
  • federal, state, and local government agencies
  • international organizations

Customized Educational Solutions

With a customized educational program from SCPS, your employees will receive content based on expertise in curriculum development and taught by UVA faculty and experienced instructors who understand the importance of combining critical theories and concepts with practical, immediately implementable solutions.

Content can be delivered in a variety of learning environments including classroom (at UVA or onsite at your business or organization), online, or in a blended approach that combines classroom and online learning. Depending on the depth and breadth of the content, SCPS will work with you to determine how best to structure the instruction through half-day or full-day workshops, week-long or semester-long courses, or multi-semester courses leading to the completion of a credential, such as a University certificate.  Please consult the School of Continuing and Professional Studies website: www.scps.virginia.edu