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Graduate Record 2016-2017 
Graduate Record 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy: Activities and Organizations

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Batten Graduate Student Council
The Batten Student Council represents the needs and interests of Batten School students. It helps to enrich their academic experience by encouraging community outreach, student leadership, special events, and professional development activities. The Council also provides opportunities for interaction among students, faculty, and alumni to foster a strong culture and close-knit Batten community.

FCG Consulting
FCG Consulting strives to bridge the gap between the Batten and the Charlottesville communities by connecting Batten students with opportunities to provide policy and consulting services to organizations that facilitate social change in the Greater Charlottesville Area. FCG provides professional development, training opportunities, client project support, service and social opportunities, and the opportunity to give back to the Charlottesville community.

Foreign Policy Club
The Foreign Policy Club aims to introduce students to national security and diplomacy policy. Students interested in working for the Departments of State or Defense should consider joining. No prior professional or academic experience in foreign policy is necessary. Most meetings are a discussion of a current event. The highlight events include hosting one or two prominent speakers and a holding formal debate.

Virginia Policy Review
The Virginia Policy Review publishes student articles about international, domestic, and regional public policy issues. Founded by the first MPP class of the Batten School, its primary purposes include focusing the university community’s attention on current public policy issues, providing UVa students with a journal of well-researched, readable policy analysis, and offering both undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to improve their writing, editing, and research skills. Each year, the Virginia Policy Review publishes two full issues (Winter and Summer), as well as a special topical issue each Fall. Additionally, the Virginia Policy Review hosts graduate policy journal staff at an annual National Journal Conference to discuss best practices for policy-related academic publications.

Women in Policy
Every month, WiP circulates a new article on the topic of women or gender issues. The idea is to read what mainstream media have to say about women’s issues, and unpack it using policy backgrounds and training.