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Graduate Record 2006-2007 
Graduate Record 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Other Academic Programs - Architecture

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Certificate Programs in Historic Preservation and American Urbanism are open to all graduate students. Admission is subject to the approval of the chair of the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the director of the program. Students must also meet all requirements for admission to, and completion of, the Master of Architecture Programs. Students are expected to meet the program requirements within the normal curriculum.

Historic Preservation Certificate Program Students wishing to enter the Historic Preservation Certificate program must be admitted to one of the graduate degree programs in the School of Architecture. In order to ensure proper academic advising and program coordination, students interested in the Historic Preservation Program should attend the program meeting at the start of the fall semester. Upon arriving at the Architecture School they should also file a program participation form with the Architecture School’s registrar. Students who complete the required 21 credits of preservation course work receive a Certificate in Historic Preservation, in addition to their department’s master’s degree. There are individual courses that fulfill the requirements of the historic preservation certificate curriculum that also fulfill requirements within the architecture program curriculum. For example, the Community Preservation Studio (6 credits) counts as one of the ALAR studios required for the fulfillment of the architecture program. Thus, students normally complete the course work for the historic preservation certificate during the same period in which they complete their degree program. 

American Urbanism Certificate Program This program is open to qualified degree candidates who wish to engage in a focused study of the issues and questions central to the interpretation of the American urban landscape and to the creation of new paradigms of urban design. The program’s curriculum is intentionally flexible to provide students the opportunity to develop individual programs of study with the review and guidance of the program director. Interested candidates are strongly advised to arrange an interview with the program director.

Dual Degree Programs The multi-disciplinary structure of the School of Architecture offers unique opportunities for students to pursue dual graduate degrees. Dual degrees are offered with Architectural History, Landscape Architecture and Urban and Environmental Planning. The dual degree depends upon admission to each program under the appropriate requirements. Students with prior undergraduate degrees in Architecture can expect to earn a dual degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture within three academic years. Path A students can expect to earn a dual degree in four and a half academic years. Students interested in pursuing a dual degree should consult with the Department Chair.

Programs Abroad Architecture students may, with approval, participate in one of the summer programs abroad when offered.

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