May 19, 2022  
Graduate Record 2006-2007 
Graduate Record 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Elementary Education

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Graduate programs in elementary education (PreK-6) are designed to assist individuals seeking to advance their professional knowledge (P.D., M.Ed., Ed.S., Ed.D., Ph.D.) or obtain a degree and initial licensure (M.T.). The elementary education programs can also assist individuals in meeting re-certification requirements or in adding endorsements to existing certificates.

Students completing graduate programs in elementary education may advance their careers as classroom teachers, elementary supervisors, subject area curriculum coordinators, training materials specialists, or personnel training and staff development professionals in both public and private schools. They may move into higher education positions.

The elementary education graduate degree program includes practicum and internship experiences. Programs of study at all levels are determined by the student and an assigned advisor or advisory committee working within established program area guidelines. Every effort is made to develop a program of study that is designed to achieve each student’s personal and professional goals.

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