Jun 18, 2024  
Undergraduate Record 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Record 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Minor in Data Science

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School of Data Science: Minor Programs    

The minor in Data Science introduces students to the conceptual framework of data science. The pillars of that framework include analytical, systems, design and value components that uniquely combine to form the field of data science.  This minor prepares students for careers or post­graduate work that necessitates exposure to data science techniques. Emphasis on responsible data science is included as a core principle of the program.



Current undergraduate UVA students from any school of enrollment who have declared their major in SIS may declare the minor in Data Science by submitting the minor declaration form.  

Requirements for Minor in Data Science

Complete a minimum of 15 graded credits: 

12 graded credits in core areas  

3 graded credits of an upper-level elective course within a domain OR the data science project course, and 

a minimum of 3 courses/9 credits must be data science courses (DS XXXX).  

A student’s elective course and any other courses outside of those defined in The Record are selected in consultation with School of Data Science advisors and the Program Director. 


Analytics Course (select one course)

Systems Course (select one course)

Data Design & Value Course (select one course)

Domain Elective (select one course) Or Final Project as outlined below

Students can select a data-driven course from a domain area of interest with approval by the Program Director.

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer up to one course, whether it be post- or pre-matriculation. 

Students under suspension may not apply transfer credits from other institutions toward the minor.


The completion of the Data Science minor requires a minimum of 15 credits. Data science courses count toward the graduation hours in any school of enrollment. The School of Data Science allows you to count up to two courses toward another major or minor. That said, students’ schools of enrollment may restrict the double-counting of courses, which supersedes this minor’s policies. Students should consult with their School of Enrollment advisors and Registrar for policies on double-counting credits. A transferred course will count as a double-counted course.

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