Dec 08, 2023  
Graduate Record 2022-2023 
Graduate Record 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

European Studies

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts

Students are expected to complete a minimum of 36 credits of graded coursework, including EURS 5000 - Perspectives on Europe and the World , EURS 6000 - Research Inquiries in European Studies , EURS 8998 - Thesis Research (M.A.)  and EURS 8999 - Thesis (M.A.) ; a minimum of three credits each in the subject areas of the European Union, Europe in the World, and Socio-Cultural and Historical Perspectives; and a minimum of six additional credits in one of the three subject areas indicated above.

Students are expected to complete nine credits of coursework during a semester abroad at a European partner institution.

Students are expected to demonstrate a minimum of fourth-year proficiency in a European language other than English either by passing an oral and written proficiency examination administered by a qualified instructor in the appropriate language department at the University or by successfully completing a course at the 4000 level or higher taught in the target language.

Students are expected to write and defend a thesis.


Please follow this link to a listing of graduate course offerings for this program: Graduate Courses Arts & Sciences . Some programs limit the number of credits offered outside the department or school that a student may allocate toward degree requirements.  All course enrollment is subject to approval each term by the Director of Graduate Studies.