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Undergraduate Record 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Record 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Computer Science (B.S.)

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Program Objectives Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program:

  • Have the knowledge and skills that allow them to make tangible contributions in their profession.
  • Have the knowledge and skills that allow them meet new technical challenges.
  • Are able to contribute effectively to society.
  • Are able to work effectively as team leaders and members.
  • Have the ability to be innovators in the design, analysis and application of computer systems.

Grading Policy Majors and minors are required to maintain a C average or better in their CS courses.

The computer Science department is in the process of modifying its course offerings. This version of the program assumes students took the new courses. Students who took CS 2110 or CS 2150 should register for courses based upon the previous version of the degree requirements. To be taken to the previous degree requirements, please click here

Computer Science Curriculum (126 credits)

Fourth Semester Credits: 15

  • APMA Elective (See footnote 3 below) Credits: 3
  • STS 2XXX/3XXX (See Footnote 6 below) Credits: 3
  • Unrestricted Elective (See footnote 4 below) Credits: 3

Fifth Semester Credits: 16

  • APMA Elective (See footnote 3 below) Credits: 3
  • HSS Elective (See footnote 1 below) Credits: 3

Sixth Semester Credits: 18

  • APMA Elective (See footnote 3 below) Credits: 3
  • Unrestricted Elective (See footnote 4 below) Credits: 3
  • HSS Elective (See footnote 1 below) Credits: 3
  • CS 3xxx/4xxx Elective Credits: 3
  • CS 3xxx/4xxx Elective Credits: 3

Seventh Semester Credits: 15

Eighth Semester Credits: 15

Capstone Options (Choose One):  


(1) Chosen from the approved list available in A122 Thornton Hall.
(2) Chosen from:
BIOL 2100 - Introduction to Biology w/ Laboratory: Cell Biology & Genetics; BIOL 2200 - Introduction to Biology w/ Laboratory: Organismal & Evolutionary Biology; CHEM 1420 - Introductory College Chemistry II; PHYS 2620 - Modern Physics; MSE 2090 - Introduction to Materials Science; any APMA course 2000 or higher, not already required by a student’s major, and does not duplicate material from another APMA course.
(3) Chosen from APMA 2130, 3080, 3100, 3120 or 3150 (but cannot take both 3120 and 3150). APMA 3100 is required to take during one of the semesters.
(4) Unrestricted electives may be chosen from any graded course in the University except mathematics courses below MATH 1310 and courses that substantially duplicate any others offered for the degree, including PHYS 2010, 2020; CS 1100, 1200; or any introductory programming course. Students in doubt as to what is acceptable to satisfy a degree requirement should get the approval of their advisor and the dean’s office, located in A122 Thornton Hall. APMA 1090 counts as a three-credit unrestricted elective.
(5) The CS capstone experience 4970 and 4971 requires 4th year standing.

(6) Any course which meets the Second Writing Requirement as specified in the College of Arts & Sciences (CLAS) may be substituted for STS 2XXX/3XXX.


Any student who is able to complete all of the requirements for a minor in Computer Science before graduation will be awarded the minor if they submit the minor request form at the beginning of their graduation semester.

Due to the demand for computing courses, the department can only accept a limited number of students to declare a minor in Computer Science. The CS department continues to work with the university to obtain resources that will allow more students to declare the Computer Science minor.

More information regarding the CS Minor can be found at


or by contacting cs-student-support@virginia.edu.

Computer Engineering students cannot get a Computer Science minor because  their degree combines Computer Science and Electrical Engineering so they will automatically have the equivalent of the minor in CS.

     Required courses (6 courses, 20 credits ):