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Undergraduate Record 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Record 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED RECORD]


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Traditional Program

Students are admitted to the School of Nursing as first-year students or as second-year transfer students after completing prerequisite general education courses at other institutions or in one of the other undergraduate schools at UVA.

General Education Requirements for Traditional BSN Curriculum

  • 3 or 6 credits FWR (ENWR 1505/1506 or 1510)
  • 3 credits SWR (fulfilled with NUCO 2210, Foundations of Nursing CARE)
  • 14 credits Natural Sciences/Math (fulfilled with Human Physiology & Anatomy I and II, Chemistry, and Microbiology)
  • 9 credits Humanities/Fine Arts
  • 9 credits Social Sciences/History
  • 10 credits Electives (if taken FWR - ENWR 1505 and 1506) OR 13 credits Electives (if taken FWR - ENWR 1510)

General Education: 48 credits
Nursing: 72 credits

Total: 120 credits

Public Professional Licensure Disclosure

As a member of the State Authorizations Reciprocity Agreement, the University of Virginia (UVA) is authorized to provide curriculum in a distance learning environment to students located in all states in the United States except for California. (34 CFR 668.43(a)(6)& 34 CFR 668.72(n)).

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the UVA School of Nursing, graduates may be eligible for initial professional licensure in another U.S. state by applying to the licensing board or agency in that state.

Please visit the University’s state authorization web pages to make an informed decision regarding which states’ educational requirements for initial licensure are met by this program. (668.43(a)(5) (v)(A) - (C))

Enrolled students who change their current (or mailing) address to a state other than Virginia should update this information immediately in the Student Information System as it may impact their ability to complete internship, practicum, or clinical hours, use Title IV funds, or meet licensure or certification requirements in the new state. (34 CFR 668.402).


Curriculum: Traditional BSN

RN to BSN Option

The baccalaureate program includes a uniquely tailored curriculum for students who are graduates of community colleges and hospital schools and are licensed registered nurses (RN). This program is a two year part-time hybrid program. Students enroll in 30 credits at the University of Virginia. Classes are offered in a part-time format to allow students to maintain employment while completing their BSN.  In the hybrid format, students attend classes in person approximately once a month while other learning occurs online. The program provides a foundation for professional practice and embraces the philosophy of life-long learning, encouraging further education such as graduate study for advanced practice or preparation as a clinical leader or teacher. The 120 hours of credit are earned as 48 general education requirements, 42 credit hours for select core nursing course in their prelicensure program, and the 30 credit hours of residency. The 42 credit hours are awarded for core academic nursing courses, taken in the student’s basic nursing program, that are comparable to core courses in UVA’s traditional BSN program. 

Curriculum: RN to BSN

  • A 3.0 credit hour University of Virginia elective