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Undergraduate Record 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Record 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Global Studies in Education

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The Global Studies in Education minor is part of the Curry School’s Social Foundations of Education program. The minor provides an interdisciplinary view of social theories and comparative frameworks that stretch beyond traditional definitions of teachers and school administrators to delve into concepts of school and society; history, philosophy and culture; and educational policy, theory and practice.

By investigating global and national educational problems from different perspectives, students engage with real-world issues. They examine many of the most pressing concerns facing 21st century schools; to wit: poverty, inequality and human rights; the role of states, the international community, NGOs and civil society in policy making and implementation; the influence of history, culture and tradition in schooling; and intersections among the economy, societal and social policy.

Global Studies in Education Minor

The minor consists of 18 credits which includes two core courses and four electives. Candidates for the minor should complete one language course beyond the 2010 level of any language at UVa or an approved study abroad course.

Core Courses (must complete two)

EDLF 3220 - What is Education For?  

EDLF 3240 - Education in Multicultural Societies  

EDLF 4606 - Comparative Education  

EDLF 5711 - Globalization, Childhood, and Culture

Electives (must complete four)

Courses may include*:

EDHS 1120 - So You Want to Change the World: Foundations of Community Engagement  

EDHS 2860 - Fundamentals of Child Protection in Emergencies  

EDLF 3220 - What is Education For?  

EDLF 3240 - Education in Multicultural Societies  

EDLF 3470 - Hip-Hop History and Global Movements  

EDLF 3610 - Immigrant Youth and Families  

EDLF 4605 - Anthropology of Education  

EDLF 4606 - Comparative Education  

EDLF 4610 - Civil Rights Movement and Education  

EDLF 4620 - International Human Rights Activism and Education  

GSGS 3030 - Global Cultural Studies 

LPPS 3295 - Global Humanitarian Crises Response  

*Other course substitutions can be included with prior approval of advisor