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Undergraduate Record 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Record 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Medieval Studies

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Requirements for Major

The major is open to all qualified students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated competence in a foreign language appropriate to their work in the program through the 2000 level, or its equivalent. Students are required to take 30 hours of credit in courses approved by the student’s advisor with passing grades, and at least a 2.0 average, distributed over the following fields of study:

History (9 hours)
Literature (9 hours)
Art or Music (3 hours)
Philosophy, Religious Studies, or Political Thought (3 hours)
MSP 3801: Colloquium in Medieval Studies (3 hours) by the fall of the junior year, or the equivalent. 
MSP 4801: Seminar in Medieval Studies (3 hours) in the fall or spring of the senior year.

As the focus of their work in MSP 4801, students will research and write a senior thesis under the supervision of a member of the faculty. The thesis must be approved by the student’s advisor and the chair of the Medieval Studies Program.

The major may be combined with another departmental program as a double major.

Requirements for a Minor

Students may complete a minor in Medieval Studies by taking at least 18 credits in medieval courses approved by the student’s advisor. At least one course must be taken in each of the contributing fields of study:

History; Literature; Art or Music; Philosophy, Religious Studies, or Political Thought.

Additional Information

For more information, contact: Professor Gregory Hays, Program Director, Department of Classics, B-018 Cocke Hall, University of Virginia, P.O. Box 400788, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4788; bgh2n@virginia.edu.

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