Nov 12, 2018  
Graduate Record 2015-2016 
Graduate Record 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Biological and Physical Sciences

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There are a number of sponsoring units of the M.S. in Biological and Physical Sciences. These sponsoring units are all graduate departments and programs affiliated with the University of Virginia School of Medicine and its faculty.
The programs and departments sponsoring this M.S. degree program grant a total of 8 different Ph.D. degrees but have agreed upon a core curriculum deemed essential for establishing a fundamental foundation for the development of successful scientists.

The University of Virginia Biomedical Sciences admissions groups do not routinely consider nor admit Masters applicants. Eligibility for the M.S. results from application to the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. graduate admissions groups of the University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. All applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree program (four years or equivalent), submitted results from the Graduate Record Examination and submitted a brief statement on their reasons for seeking an advanced degree.

Each student must complete not less than 30 credits of graduate courses. The program can be completed in two full academic years (4 semesters total) and a summer session period for completion of research projects.

A Core Course:

  • BIMS 6000 - Core Course in Integrative Biosciences Credits: 10
  • is required of all candidates. The instruction consists largely of cross-disciplinary exchanges with participation of approximately 30 faculty members, representing all of the sponsoring units. All candidates are expected to participate in a colloquium, seminar or journal club series each semester during their first two years in the graduate program. Seminar series should be selected based on the student’s needs and interests.

    All candidates are expected to complete a written research paper and to make a satisfactory standing in a final oral presentation of that paper before an examining committee of two or more faculty members designated by the program in which the candidate is working. The result of the presentation, with the names of the examiners, must be reported to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in accordance with GSAS guidelines.

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