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Graduate Record 2015-2016 
Graduate Record 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Clinical Psychology

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This program offers training in both clinical psychology and school psychology. It is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association as a “combined” program in Clinical and School Psychology. The program culminates in the awarding of the degree “Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.” The term “clinical” in the context of the degree offered is intended as a generic term to indicate that the training is for applied (professional) psychology. This program is designed to train clinical and school psychologists with potential to make outstanding contributions to the profession in a variety of roles. There are two tracks within the Ph.D. program. The clinical-school track integrates core training in clinical psychology with specialized coursework and experiences relevant to school settings; this sequence leads to licensure/certification in both clinical and school psychology. The general clinical track provides core training in clinical and in school psychology, but does not require as much specific school-related training. Graduates of this track are not eligible for the school psychology credential.

We subscribe to a scientist-practitioner model of training and emphasize a strong scientific grounding in academic psychology and high standards of competence as mental health practitioners. We achieve this goal by integrating the complementary domains of academic psychology and applied practice throughout the course of graduate studies.

A thorough grounding in the basic science of psychology is provided for all students. Two research products are required: a pre-dissertation study, leading to a journal-article length thesis, and a doctoral dissertation. An alternative research experience consists of three products of journal length, all of which must be submitted for publication. Specialized training in clinical work with children, families, and adults is available. Supervised clinical practicum experiences are required, including summers, in all but the first semester of the four years of study. During the first year, students participate in a clinical practicum in a local school system, and in the second year they pursue training in the program’s clinic, the Center for Clinical Psychology Services. Of the remaining two years, typically one is spent working as a staff member in the Center, while the other is spent working in an area school, mental health agency, or hospital setting.

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