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Graduate Record 2015-2016 
Graduate Record 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Administration and Supervision

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The Administration and Supervision program area offers four degree options and a non-degree course of study for state endorsement in PreK-12 Administration and Supervision for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Ph.D. program is offered on a traditional basis as a full-time course of study while the other programs are offered on a part-time basis for working professionals. Required courses are offered on a rotating basis in the evenings or on weekends. The Master’s program (M.Ed.), Specialist program (Ed.S.) and certificate-only programs are designed for initial preparation of students interested in school leadership. Administrative endorsement can be pursued in conjunction with the M.Ed. or Ed.S. The Executive Studies in Educational Leadership Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are designed for advanced preparation of school leaders and researchers.

Master of Education The Master of Education degree requires at least 30 credits of graduate study and 36 credits for those also seeking administrative endorsement. The program also requires an internship experience for endorsement candidates and a comprehensive examination for all graduates. Candidates for endorsement are responsible for completion of all other state requirements. In addition to completion of Curry’s approved program of studies and internship, candidates are required to have a passing score on the State School Leader’s Assessment and a minimum of three years of successful classroom teaching experience with a Virginia teaching license.

Education Specialist The Education Specialist program is a planned 30 credit (minimum) post-master’s program of study. This program includes 30 credits of core coursework (24 credits must be taken after admission to the program) and 3 credits of an administrative internship, if students are seeking endorsement.

Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy Programs leading to the degrees of Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy are designed to provide advanced preparation for professional and scholarly leadership and require 72 credits. The primary purposes of the Executive Studies in Educational Leadership Doctor of Education degree program are to provide experienced educators with a broad and systematic understanding of preK-12 education, knowledge of selected aspects of educational theory and practice, and an ability to both conduct research and evaluation and to apply those research findings in an informed and critical manner. The Doctor of Philosophy program in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare graduates to develop a scholarly line of research and to teach in higher education. The program includes rigorous, content-specific coursework, a research apprenticeship, and other experiences to prepare graduates to: (1) conduct research on topics related to educational leadership, (2) analyze school and school system performance, and (3) educate future professors of educational leadership.

Professional Development Certificate Program This is a state-approved program for individuals seeking endorsement in preK-12 school administration and supervision. The program is intended for individuals who have earned a master’s degree and are seeking state endorsement and a position as principal, assistant principal or central office supervisor. It requires 30 credits of coursework and an internship. See the Curry website for additional information about the Administration and Supervision program.

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