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Undergraduate Record 2014-2015 
Undergraduate Record 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Historic Preservation Minor

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The historic preservation minor requires 15 credits of coursework with a minimum grade of C-. Coursework for the minor is distributed among three broad categories of preservation-related courses: Theory (one course, 3 credits); History (two courses, 6 credits); Practice (two courses, 6 credits). Courses in this curriculum are not fixed. They will change from time to time and students should inquire from the Historic Preservation Program director about whether courses not listed below can fulfill the minor requirements, and in which of the three categories they can count. The list below is not comprehensive, but it is suggestive of applicable courses. The minor is structured in parallel with the graduate certificate program in historic preservation.

        Theory (one course, 3 credits)

  • ARH 5601 - Historic Preservation Theory and Practice, Credits: 3

        History (two courses, 6 credits)

        Practice (two courses, 6 credits)

  • ARH 5607 - Historic Preservation at UVA, Credits: 3
  • PLAN 5300 - Neighborhoods, Community and Regions, Credits: 3
  • ARH 5602 - Community History Workshop, Credits: 3
  • ARH 5604 - Field Methods in Historic Preservation, Credits: 3
    [Falmouth Jamaica Field School SUMMER is equivalent to ARH 5604]