Feb 25, 2021  
Graduate Record 2013-2014 
Graduate Record 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Public Health Nursing Leadership

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This certificate prepares nurses for specialized practice in promoting the health of individuals, families, groups and populations. Emphasis is on the development of knowledge and expertise to assess the health status and health delivery systems of populations and to design nursing interventions to better manage care in complex settings. Courses provide the required knowledge and expertise needed to plan, implement, and evaluate care in population settings, including public health departments, schools, home health agencies, and nursing clinics. Care management strategies to assure continuity of health service delivery for individuals and groups at the local and global level are emphasized. International learning experiences are available. The certificate in Public Health Nursing Leadership is also offered for students who do not live in Central Virginia. In this option, students enroll in 2-4 courses per term and complete most of the course requirements via the internet. Classes meet ‘live’ at the University twice per term (at the beginning and end of the semester). Upon track completion, students are qualified to sit for the American Nursing Credentialing Center (AANC) certification examination for Clinical Specialist in Community Health Nursing.

Acceptance into the post-master’s Public Health Nursing Leadership certificate requires a Master’s degree in Nursing, including a master’s level course in epidemiology. Students who have not had a course in epidemiology may take GNUR 6052 as part of the certificate program. Five additional courses are required for the post-M.S.N. certificate.

For students who have completed the combined PHNL/NP Master’s track, one course is required for sufficient clinical hours to be eligible for the ANCC certification exam for Community Health Nursing.

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