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Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Landscape Architecture Minor

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Undergraduates wishing to minor in landscape architecture explore the issues and the future of the natural and built environment as shaped by dynamic ecological processes and human cultural practices. The minor is offered to all undergraduates–from those considering graduate studies in landscape architecture to those who just wish to broaden the scope of their major in a related field that is key to envisioning sustainable planning and design.


A minor in landscape architecture requires at least 15 credits in landscape architecture and a minimum GPA of 3.000.

Required core courses:

  • LAR 4120 - History of Landscape Design I Credits: 3
  • Selected courses (must take at least three):

  • LAR 4130 - History of Landscape Design II Credits: 3
  • LAR 4140 - Theories of Modern Landscape Architecture Credits: 3
  • LAR 4160 - Topics in the History of Landscape Design Credits: 3
  • LAR 4200 - Healing Spaces Credits: 3
  • LAR 4210 - Topics in Contemporary Theory Credits: 3
  • LAR 4230 - Cultural Landscapes Credits: 3
  • LAR 5290: Green Lands 
  • These additional courses are open only to Landscape Architecture Minors who are enrolled undergraduate architecture students. These courses require the approval of the course instructor:

  • LAR 5340: Earth Work
  • LAR 5375: Planted Systems & Urban Ecology
  • LAR 7320: Regenerative Technologies
  • LAR 7340: Site Assembly
  • Other non-studio LAR courses may be taken with the permission of the Landscape Architecture Minor Advisor and the course instructor. (Note that many of the other courses have technical pre-requisites).  Students in the Architecture Program are strongly encouraged to take a 4000-level studio in Landscape Architecture (subject to availability). Courses listed by ARCH, ARH, LAR, and PLAN headings are pre-professional and professional courses, but not all are restricted to School of Architecture students.

  • Some faculty welcome interdisciplinary student enrollments and may elect to enroll upper-level undergraduate students in their graduate courses for elective credit.   Students outside the Architecture School wishing to enroll, must secure the approval of the faculty member offering that course.  Students outside the Architecture Department are strongly encouraged to take ARCH 1010 Lessons of the Lawn  and ARCH 1020 Lessons in Making,  in addition to the courses listed above. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences must submit an “Academic Advisement” report to their advisor in Landscape Architecture.

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