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Undergraduate Record 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Record 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED RECORD]


The Kinesiology major is a four-year pre-professional curriculum designed to prepare students for graduate study in programs that provide entry-level training and the route for certification in physical therapy, medicine, athletic training, nutrition, personal training and teaching health and physical education.   

Admission Requirements:

Applicants apply for admission to the Kinesiology program through the University’s Undergraduate Office of Admission. The University of Virginia practices selective college admission, seeking outstanding students from throughout the United States and abroad. The Committee on Admission endeavors to provide the University community with an academically able, diverse, talented, and creative student body. In addition, the University seeks students who provide evidence of personal integrity.

The committee seeks to balance the strength of a national student body with the importance of a university education for Virginia’s best students. It does not otherwise enforce geographical quotas or observe geographical limitations. The committee does not consider financial need when it evaluates applicants; however, the University is committed to increasing the number of low-income students in the undergraduate classes through AccessUVa.  See the Registrar’s section of the Undergraduate Record for additional information.

Academic Requirements: 

Students in the Kinesiology program are held to the Academic Rules and Regulations for the Curry School of Education. As noted in those guidelines, a student has 4 years to complete a course of study.  Any student who cannot meet this time limit must appeal to the faculty in writing to determine whether he or she may remain in the program.  Program requirements are posted on the Kinesiology program area website.  Guidelines focus both on undergraduate and graduate study options, including accelerated programs. Students should consult “Academic Requirements” in SIS each semester to ensure they are on track to graduate.