May 21, 2022  
Graduate Record 2011-2012 
Graduate Record 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Programs Abroad - Graduate School of Architecture

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Master students may, with approval, participate in one of the programs abroad when offered. The following programs are subject to change.

Fall Program in London, England

This program is open to graduate students in the history of architecture department for study at the Courtauld Institute of Art. Students participating in this program are on leave of absence from the University.

Summer Program in Vicenza, Italy

This program is open to all students in the School of Architecture. The program carries a three credit summer course offered through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Extensive field trips to explore the art, architecture, and urbanism of the region are a prominent part of the program. Instruction is provided by University of Virginia and Italian adjunct faculty members. Knowledge of Italian language is recommended.

Summer Program in Beijing, China

The UVa program in China introduces students to Chinese art, architecture, landscape architecture, and planning. The program includes field trips to sites in the city of Beijing and environs, as well as sites in other parts of China. Students may receive up to three credits through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. A faculty member of the School of Architecture, as well as local experts, staff the program. Limited travel funds are available through the Weedon East Asian Travel Grant competition sponsored by the East Asian Center.

Summer Program in Falmouth, Jamaica

The Falmouth Field School in Historic Preservation is a four-week, three credit program in applied historic preservation held on-site in Falmouth, Jamaica.  Designed for advance undergraduate and graduate students, the field school engages many aspects of the practice of presentation in the culturally diverse and economically complex context of the Caribbean. 

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