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Graduate Record 2011-2012 
Graduate Record 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Higher Education

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The Higher Education program offers Ed.D, Ph.D, and M.Ed. degrees. 

The primary purpose of the Ph.D. degree is to develop scholars who are able to conduct original research and interpret and communicate the results of such research through writing, teaching, practice, and other means. The dissertation is characterized by original research that extends the theoretical and empirical knowledge bases of postsecondary education policy and practice.  Program graduates typically pursue faculty careers or become senior administrators in colleges and universities.

All Ed.D. programs in the Curry School are designed to prepare scholar/practitioners to assume leadership or supervisory roles in their educational fields, or work as faculty members in higher education institutions. The Ed.D. in Higher Education provides experienced and practicing educators with a broad and systematic understanding of higher education, a definitive knowledge of selected aspects of educational theory and practice, and an ability to apply research in an informed and critical manner to educational practice and problems.

The M.Ed. program in  Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education (SAPHE) prepares students for a variety of professional positions within student affairs. Each year the entering cohort includes 10 to 15 full-time and part-time students. The SAPHE program can be completed in one year of full-time study, with coursework beginning in June and ending the following May. Students enrolled on a part-time basis may finish the program within a couple of years.

The M.Ed. in Higher Education is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in a variety of positions in postsecondary education. The program emphasizes knowledge of theories that underlie practice, the study of student experiences and development, awareness of the organizational and environmental characteristics of the various types of postsecondary educational institutions, and an understanding of the political and social forces that shape higher education.  Program graduates typically practice college administration in any number of postsecondary contexts, including academic advising, admissions, alumni relations, athletics, development, events management, financial management, human resources, institutional research, and student affairs. 

For additional information, visit the Curry website.

Applications to the Ph.D. program are due by January 5. Applications to the SAPHE program and the M.Ed. program in Higher Education are due by February 1. All applications must be accompanied by an academic writing sample.

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