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Graduate Record 2010-2011 
Graduate Record 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

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Degree Requirements

Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree

Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics usually have a baccalaureate degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology, and have taken courses in introductory biochemistry, calculus, physical and organic chemistry, and physics. Prospective students should apply for admission through the Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics graduate group of the Biomedical Sciences. The thesis advisor is chosen after completion of rotations in three laboratories, normally at the end of the first year, at which time a research committee, including the advisor, is also formed.

Students develop their program of study with a committee of three faculty members. This program must satisfy requirements in the areas of biochemistry, advanced chemistry, cell biology, gene expression, and mathematics, in addition to special interest electives. Except for seminars, the program is typically completed within the student’s first two years. Students must submit and orally defend a written research proposal at the end of their second year of residence. Demonstrated knowledge of a foreign language is not required for a graduate degree in biochemistry.

Research for the dissertation is regarded as the candidate’s major training. The final examination for the Ph.D. is devoted entirely to a defense of the dissertation by the candidate. Generally the degree program is completed in five years.

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