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Graduate Record 2009-2010 
Graduate Record 2009-2010 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Master of Science in Accounting

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Master of Science in Accounting

The M.S. in Accounting program provides a strong technical foundation as well as a practical understanding of the context within which business decisions must be evaluated.  The 30-credit hour program is designed to be completed in one academic year.  Students are admitted for the fall semester and generally graduate the following May.  The curriculum allows students to meet the 150-hour rule currently required by most states to sit for the CPA exam. Students may specialize in tax, or financial reporting and assurance.

Classes for the M.S. in Accounting are taught in a rigorous yet informal seminar format that encourages a culture of collaboration between and among the faculty and students.  The relatively small size of the program contributes to the friendly, supportive environment.        

Program Prerequisites:

McIntire seeks graduate students who show evidence of strong academic preparation, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for their chosen field of study.  Along with academic preparation and test scores, the admissions committee takes into consideration any relevant work or internship experience; honors; awards; extracurricular activities  personal characteristics such as leadership, ability to work with others, integrity, maturity, and motivation.  Factors such as diversity of perspective and international experience also may be considered.  Candidates who are non-native English speakers also must demonstrate sufficient oral and written English language skills to be successful in the graduate program.

In addition, students must have successfully completed the following courses in accounting prior to matriculation:

  • Intermediate Accounting I & II (six semester hours)
  • Six semester hours of upper-division accounting courses
    • A course equivalent to Commerce 5150 Introductory Assurance Services.
    • A course equivalent to Commerce 5450 Federal Tax I.

Admission Requirements

  • Completed online application form, including all requested documentation and application fee
  • Official transcript from all colleges and universities attended   
  • Official GMAT scores sent to the McIntire School of Commerce 
  • Official TOEFL scores, if applicable, sent to the McIntire School of Commerce (McIntire requires a TOEFL score of 100 iBT/250 computer/ 600 paper-based or higher to be competitive for admissions) 
  • Two letters of recommendation (one preferably from college or university faculty who are familiar with the applicant’s potential for graduate study)

A $75 application fee is required, which can be paid online with the application. If accepted, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will be required and is credited toward the first tuition payment. For more information or to access the online admissions services, please visit the website or contact:

Office of Graduate Admissions

McIntire School of Commerce
Rouss & Robertson Halls, East Lawn
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400173
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4173
(434) 924-3571 Toll-free (877) 349-2620

Grading Policy

Grades are awarded only to those students who are registered for, and who complete a course for, credit. All courses are on a credit basis only. The letter grade symbols used for grading graduate students in the Accounting program are: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C, D, F. Students are required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 to remain in the program and graduate. Student performance may be evaluated periodically by the faculty. In addition, a student who earns six credits of sub-standard performance (C or lower) is placed on probation; a probationary student who earns one additional grade of C or lower is dropped from the program. A student, who receives a grade of F (non-performance) in any course, is automatically dropped from the program. 


Students may not engage in employment in excess of what is compatible with a full-time commitment to the graduate study of accounting. Therefore, full-time students may NOT be employed for more than 20 hours per week or receive financial compensation or financial awards for activities requiring more than 20 hours per week.

Residency and Enrollment Requirements

All degree candidates must complete two full semesters in residence except in the case of students who (A) graduated from the undergraduate program at the McIntire School of Commerce and (B) completed adequate undergraduate credits and specific 5000 level courses in their undergraduate program to transfer semester hours to qualify for a one semester residency requirement. Those one-semester residency students must complete 18 semester hours in courses approved for graduate credit in the M.S. in Accounting Program and their one-semester of residence. Students interested in this one-semester alternative should contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to assess eligibility. All other students must carry a minimum of 12 hours per semester to be considered a full-time student in the M.S. in Accounting Program. These 12 semester hours must be for courses approved for graduate credit in the M.S. in Accounting Program.

Approved 5000 level courses may be taken in the graduate program for graduate credit. See Undergraduate Record for 5000 level course descriptions.

Transfer of Credit

Up to six credits for approved courses can be transferred to satisfy the 30 credit graduation requirement in the M.S. in Accounting program. Transfer credits must be approved by the Director of the M.S. in Accounting Program. In general, courses will only be approved for transfer if they are equivalent to graduate courses available at the McIntire School of Commerce. Specific approval for credit transfer will be based on evaluation of the rigor and content of the course, and will only be granted when the course was taken at an accredited institution and was not required to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Students in the one-semester residency program (described above) may transfer 12 credits toward their graduation requirement, but those transfers must be approved by the Director of the M.S. in Accounting Program. All students requesting transfer credit must provide adequate documentation of course details and undergraduate degree requirements to support their request.

Course Enrollment

Enrollment in M.S. in Accounting courses is generally restricted to students in that specific program. Permission may be granted to non-degree students to enroll in these courses on an exception basis. A request for this exception must be made in writing to the Director of the M.S. in Accounting program. Requests will be evaluated based on course availability, applicant qualifications and any other factors that might impact the administration of the graduate course under consideration. Exceptions will be granted on a case by case basis for no more than two courses for any student not admitted to the M.S. in Accounting program and will be permitted only under rare circumstances.

Ernst & Young Your Master Plan (YMP) Accounting Program

The Graduate School of Commerce, in partnership with Ernst & Young, LLP, offers a unique, customized Master of Science in Accounting program for students who want to earn their master’s degree while working for Ernst & Young. Applicants are recruited for the program by Ernst & Young. Upon admission by the McIntire School’s admissions committee, students also become employees of Ernst & Young. For additional information, please visit:

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