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Graduate Record 2005-2006 
Graduate Record 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Computers in Education

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Technology is one of three key themes central to the Curry School. Consequently, computer applications in instructional, clinical, and management problems are an important part of many programs. Thus, a wide variety of courses and facilities are available to students interested in this area.

Special course sequences designed to meet individual needs are available in virtually all of the major areas offered. These include courses involving technology and learning theory, digital media, cognition and learning, information technology, specialized uses of technology in content areas such as science, mathematics, and the humanities, philosophy of technology use, use of technology in quantitative and qualitative research, and evaluation of technology use.

These courses are complemented by related courses and programs throughout the University, often in association with electronic centers such as the Digital Media Center, the Electronic Text Center, the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center, the Special Collections Digital Center, the Virginia Center for Digital History, and the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. Frequently individualized internship opportunities can be arranged through these facilities as well.

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