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Graduate Record 2005-2006 
Graduate Record 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Clinical and School Psychology

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There are two degree programs offered in clinical and school psychology: the Ed.D. in School Psychology and the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

The Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology within the Curry School of Education is designed to train clinical psychologists with potential to make outstanding contributions to the profession in a variety of roles. The majority of graduates seek careers in settings such as hospitals, mental health centers, and schools. A smaller percentage choose purely academic and research careers. The program offers training in individual, group, family, and consultative intervention from several theoretical perspectives.

A thorough grounding in the basic science of psychology is provided for all students. Two research products are required: a pre-dissertation study, leading to a journal-article length thesis, and a doctoral dissertation. Specialized training in clinical work with children, families, and adults is available. Supervised clinical practicum is required, including summers, in all but the first semester of the four years of study. During the first year, students participate in a clinical practicum in a local school system, and in the second year they pursue training in the program’s clinic, the Center for Clinical Psychology Services. Of the remaining two years, typically one is spent working as a staff member in the center, while the other is spent working in an area mental health agency, hospital, or school.

Recognizing the major role that schools play in the lives of children and adolescents, experience in schools is encouraged. In addition to preparation for licensure as a clinical psychologist, the program offers the option of becoming licensable as a school psychologist. The program culminates in the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is fully approved by the APA (American Psychological Association) and by NASP (National Association of School Psychologists).
Note: Accreditation through Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, American Psychological Association, 750 First Street N.E., Washington, DC 20002; (202) 336-5979).

The Ed.D. Program in School Psychology is for experienced school psychologists who wish to broaden their expertise in this area. The program has a prerequisite of two years of successful experience as a school psychologist and the completion of a minimum of 24 months of study. Included are two summers and one academic year of full-time, on-Grounds study in Charlottesville. A dissertation is completed during the second academic year. Students select two supporting areas (minors) to enhance their preparation in school psychology.

Students wishing to apply to the Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology should consult the website at http://curry.edschool.virginia.edu/clinpsych. The application deadline is January 5. Admissions decisions are made once per year during the months of February and March.

Professional Development

Selected students may be granted professional development status if they currently hold a degree in psychology or are practicing in a position that is predominantly a psychological service. Examples include the holder of a Ph.D. in psychology in a non-clinical research area; a practicing school psychologist; a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist wanting to continue his or her education; or a student in an area closely related to psychology (e.g., social work), who is seeking a special course. Professional development status is not a stepping stone for admission into the Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology.

Students seeking admission to professional development status in clinical psychology must submit, along with the application, the following information:

  1. A statement of their reason for applying for professional development status and the goals they are seeking to achieve.
  2. A list of the courses (not to exceed 12 credits) they wish to take.
The following courses are available only to those applicants who are practicing psychologists or who hold at least a master’s degree in psychology. Admission to these courses is on a space available basis and requires the instructor’s permission:

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