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Graduate Record 2005-2006 
Graduate Record 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Foreign Language Education

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The Master of Teaching (M.T.) program in foreign language education (PreK-12) prepares prospective teachers of foreign languages by building on the students’ undergraduate foreign language major. The M.T. program follows the model of the secondary programs and includes preparation in pedagogy, as well as advanced course work in one or more languages and practical teaching experiences in schools under the supervision of University personnel. Students applying to the MT program in foreign languages are required to take speaking tests in their target language, and final admission to the program is contingent upon the results of these tests. Students may be required to take the test more than once if adequate proficiency, at the advanced level, is not demonstrated.

The Master of Education in Foreign Language (M.Ed.) degree is offered for experienced middle or secondary school teachers to provide in-depth preparation in second language acquisition and instruction. The program of study includes at least 12 credits of professional studies distributed in all three categories: curriculum and instruction, foundations of education, and statistics/technology; 12 credits of graduate- level course work in the appropriate foreign language department; and 6 credits of electives approved by the advisor.

English as a Second Language: ESL is provided as an add-on endorsement to any approved program or existing license. Students wishing to pursue ESL endorsement should speak to their advisor and contact the Teacher Education Office for approval.

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