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Graduate Record 2005-2006 
Graduate Record 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

English Education

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The post-baccalaureate Master of Teaching (M.T.) degree initial licensure program prepares prospective teachers of English. Building on the students’ undergraduate English studies, students investigate the social and psychological context for teaching English at the secondary level, explore concepts of curriculum and instructional models, and pursue in-depth study of effective methodologies for teaching language, literature, and writing. The program of study involves practicum experience, emphasizes an integrated conceptualization of secondary English curriculum, and stresses the importance of multicultural awareness in all aspects of planning and instruction. Opportunities exist for individual direction, both within course parameters and in independent study. Study also includes graduate courses in English. The prerequisite for admission is a B.A. in English or the equivalent.

The Master of Education degree program extends the preparation of experienced teachers of English or language arts. With the teacher’s experience as the point of departure, the M.Ed. candidate deepens pedagogical inquiry and extends existing background in English studies through graduate-level English and English education courses. The program explores current methodologies and research-based practice and emphasizes the multicultural dimension of literature, composition, and language study. Opportunities exist for researching individual interests both within existing course parameters and in independent study. Prerequisites for admission are two years of teaching experience or satisfactory completion of student teaching (or an equivalent classroom internship), along with an undergraduate major in English or its equivalent.

The Education Specialist degree program trains teachers, teacher educators, and researchers as active creators of language and literature, moving beyond the role of critical consumer and cultural transmitter of language and literature. Course work includes specified courses in English education, English, and in the supporting areas of curriculum, supervision, reading, and evaluation. Study includes a field project combining curriculum planning, instructional implementation, and evaluation in English Education. Prerequisites for admission are a master’s degree or its equivalent, preferably in English or English education, and the successful completion of at least two years of full-time teaching, preferably at the secondary school level.

The Doctorate in English Education (Ed.D. and Ph.D.) prepares candidates for a variety of leadership positions in public schools, government agencies, corporations, community colleges, and universities (e.g., university administrators, professors, and researchers; community college instructors and administrators; writers; high school English department chairs; corporate specialists in technical writing and instructional design; language arts supervisors and consultants; and officers in state or national educational agencies). The program design is flexible, including courses in English education combined with courses in English and other supporting areas. Also required are practica in conducting college classes and/or supervising student teachers, a dissertation, and a written comprehensive examination in English education designed in consultation with the degree candidate and faculty advisor. For admission, in addition to the requisite application, recommendations, GRE scores, and transcripts, the candidate must have completed a master’s degree or its equivalent, preferably in English or English education, and must have completed at least two years of full-time successful teaching, preferably at the secondary school level.

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