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Graduate Record 2008-2009 
Graduate Record 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED RECORD]


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Degree Requirements

Qualified students will be accepted for graduate study in this department with a baccalaureate degree in biologic or physical sciences from an approved university or college. Those who have not completed courses in calculus and physical chemistry will be required to do so during the first year of residence. Formal course work will be designed to suit the individual needs of each student and with advice from the microbiology faculty, can be elected from those courses offered by the following departments: microbiology, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, physiology, and others, if appropriate.

As part of the education experience, students will be expected to assist in teaching MICR 702 for one semester only, usually at the end of their own formal course work.

Students must pass a preliminary examination at the end of the first year or during the second year of residence and a qualifying candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Those not admitted to candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy may, on approval of the faculty, be permitted to complete the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Biological and Physical Sciences. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded only on recommendation by the faculty upon satisfactory completion of original research supported by submission and defense of a dissertation.

Course Descriptions

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