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Undergraduate Record 2008-2009 
Undergraduate Record 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Leadership Minor

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The leadership minor is open to all undergraduate students whose academic requirements allow the flexibility to accommodate the required 15 hours.


The first course, offered during the spring semester, is multidisciplinary and features lectures plus cases. The course includes faculty from a variety of schools and departments, and other guests. The course is open to second-year undergraduates.


After completion of the prerequisite, students interested in continuing further apply for admission to the leadership minor. In addition to a review of current leadership activities and plans, the application requires a brief description of a proposed field project. This proposal need not be detailed at this point, but we expect significant ideas and ambitious, yet viable, goals. We want the leadership field experience to be noteworthy in its scale and scope. As students plan their projects, they identify a faculty advisor and also a mentor from outside the University.

Program Requirements

The leadership minor involves 15 credit hours, including an initial three-hour course with open enrollment followed by a selection process for admittance to the Program. Students admitted to the program then take a second required leadership course, two three-hour electives, and a three-hour practicum in the form of a field project.  The second required course is offered the following spring. Students engage in significant learning and experiential assignments including cases and other exercises and writing a pre-proposal for the practicum project.  In the final required phase of the minor, fourth-year students implement their projects and write personal and project assessments that include meaningful feedback from multiple sources.

This required coursework includes:


In addition to completing the nine required hours describe above, students choose two three-hour electives from the following:

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