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Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 
Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Materials Science and Engineering

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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers a selection of undergraduate courses with the objective of providing students with a fundamental background in the structure, properties, processing, and performance of materials. This background is essential to engineers or scientists in understanding the selection of materials for various applications. A minor in Materials Science and Engineering is available to all engineering majors in SEAS. The purpose of the minor is to provide instruction on how the processing, structure, and properties of materials affect and complement your major field of study. Additionally, a materials science and engineering concentration is available to the undergraduate student within the framework of the Engineering Science Program.

A broad background in materials science and engineering is available by selecting MSE 209 (Introduction to the Science and Engineering of Materials), which develops the terminology and scientific foundation necessary for understanding the behavior of metals, polymers, and ceramics. More advanced courses (300-500) are available to introduce the student to structure-property relationships for various classes of materials, such as alloys and polymers, as well as modern and classical aspects of corrosion. Students are introduced to the typical experimental techniques for characterizing materials and their properties through laboratory demonstrations in the courses. Qualified students may also take 600-level graduate courses in materials science and engineering with the approval of the instructor. Research opportunities exist for undergraduate students interested in working with faculty on project areas identified in the Graduate Record. A general materials course, MSE 201 (EVSC 201), emphasizing the relationship of materials technology to modern society, is offered each semester for students of all disciplines throughout the university.


Five courses constitute a minor: MSE 209 (MAE 352 may substitute); two of the following: MSE 305, 306, or 367; and two of the following: MSE 301, 304, 305, 306, 367, 512, 524, 532, 567, and special topics (491, 492, 500).

Finally, a minor advisor must be assigned, who can help guide course selection to best match the student’s major and career objectives. Minoring students who are interested in focused laboratory experience, and perhaps graduate school, are encouraged to enroll in MSE 451 or 452. For more information, consult the department website, www.virginia.edu/ms.

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