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Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 
Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

American Studies

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Requirements for a Major in American Studies

Course Distribution

  1. 30 credits
  2. 10 courses
  3. AMST 201 (Major Texts in American Studies) recommended but not required
  4. AMST 301-302 (Introduction to the American Studies Major)
  5. AMST 401 (Fourth-Year Seminar in American Studies)
  6. Seven additional courses from the list of approved courses available on the department website. Similar courses not listed will also be considered. These courses represent African-American Studies, Anthropology, Architectural History, Art, Economics, English, Environmental Sciences, Drama, Government, History, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Studies in Women and Gender, Technology, Culture and Communication and other relevant departments. Each student will design a program of courses in consultation with an advisor. These courses must be taken in three (3) different departments and a minimum of three (3) courses must be taken in one department. Additionally,  of the seven electives, at least three (3) must be at the 300-level or above. 100 level courses do not count towards the American Studies major. Students enrolled in the Distinguished Majors Program should include among their seven courses AMST 493 and 494. If pursuing a double major, only one course can count towards both majors.

Sample Program

(This student will have taken the required AMST courses; three courses in Art History; and five other courses in five departments, one more than he or she actually needs.)

Distinguished Majors Program

Students with a 3.400 GPA in the College of Arts and Sciences and a 3.600 GPA in the major are eligible to pursue Distinction. DMPs take a year-long independent study with a faculty advisor, with the goal of producing a thesis generally 35-50 pgs. in length. Students interested in participating in the Distinguished Majors Program in American Studies should meet with the Director of the American Studies major in the second semester of the third year.

Requirements for a Minor in Asian Pacific American Studies

Students are required to complete a minimum of six courses (18 credits) for the Asian Pacific American Studies minor. Students must complete three required courses and three electives. No more than three courses (9 credits) can come from the same department. No courses taken for the minor may be double-counted towards another major. No more than one course taken outside of UVa (study abroad or transfer credits) can be counted towards the minor.

Required Courses

  1. AMST (or ASAM) 200- or 300-level Asian Pacific American general survey course:
    AMST 201: Asian American Multi-Media Cultural History
    ANTH 365: Asian America: From Yellow Peril to Bhangra Blowout
    AMEL 301 or 302: Asian American Survey will count towards the major
  2. AMST 300-level American Studies theory survey course (first offering in Fall 2005)
  3. One course on Asian transnational or Asian Diasporic experiences; eligible courses include (Note: this is not an exhaustive list):
    ANTH 363: Chinese Family and Religion
    HIEA 315: 20th Century East Asian American Relations
    PLCP 351: Introduction to Chinese Politics
    PLCP 363: Politics of India & Pakistan

Elective Courses

Three additional courses from a pre-approved list adjusted per semester depending upon availability. One of the three courses must be a 400-level seminar course in AMST or related discipline.

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