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Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 
Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Slavic Languages and Literatures

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Requirements for Major

The department offers two major programs:

  1. Russian Language and Literature: twenty-four credits beyond RUSS 202, including RUSS 301, 302, RUTR 335, RUTR 336, and twelve credits planned in consultation with an advisor.
  2. Russian and East European Studies: thirty credits beyond RUSS 202, including 6 credits of language study (RUSS 301-302 or 6 credits of another Slavic language, e.g., Polish); RUTR 246; one course in each of Russian or East European government, history, folklore, and literature; additional courses in one or more of these areas planned in consultation with an advisor. No more than 18 of the 30 credits (i.e., 6 of the 10 courses) may be in one department.

Students in the major must maintain a satisfactory grade point in major-related courses each semester. Satisfactory is defined as an average of C (i.e., 2.000), with no grade below C-. Students not maintaining this grade point are subject to discontinuation from the major.

Requirements for Minor

The department offers two minor programs:

  1. Russian Language, Literature, and Culture: seven courses of at least three credits each beyond RUSS 102 in Russian language, literature, and folklore; and
  2. Russian and East European Studies: seven courses of at least three credits each beyond RUSS 102 in Russian language, literature, folklore, government, history, etc., with no more than three courses in any one department. The three-course restriction does not include RUSS 201 and 202; therefore, as many as 5 of the 7 courses may be takin in Slavic Languages and Literatures should the student choose to take RUSS 201 and 202.

Distinguished Majors Program

Students with superior academic performance (GPA 3.500 or above in the major and 3.400 overall) are encouraged to apply to the department for admission to the Distinguished Majors Program (DMP) in Russian Language, Russian Literature, or Russian and East European Studies. This program offers the exceptional student the opportunity for more rigorous and specialized work, including independent study, participation in upper-level courses, and the preparation of a senior honors thesis.

Students are normally admitted to the DMP at the end of their third year of study. See the undergraduate major advisor for requirements.

College Language Requirement

The language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences may be satisfied in Russian by successfully completing RUSS 202, or by presenting evidence of equivalent preparation. Any incoming student or student returning from study abroad, or study at another institution, who wishes to continue Russian must take a placement test.

Additional Information

For more information, contact Mr. Mark J. Elson, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 109 Cabell Hall, P.O. Box 400783, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4783; (434) 924-3548;;

Course Descriptions

Notes: Enrollment in 500-level courses is normally restricted to graduate students in degree programs. Undergraduates wishing to enroll in such courses must have permission of the instructor. Graduate students should consult the Graduate Record for further information. Enrollment in all language courses (including RUSS 304 and 305) is subject to confirmation by placement exam at the discretion of the instructor, normally during the first week of the semester.


Slavic Literature in Translation

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