May 27, 2020  
Undergraduate Record 2005-2006 
Undergraduate Record 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Landscape Architecture - Minor

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An application for the minor is available in Campbell Hall, Room 120A. Upon completion of all requirements, the signature of the respective department chair must be obtained.


A minor in landscape architecture requires a minimum GPA of 3.000, and at least 15 credits in landscape architecture. Among these are: L AR 512; one course of the following: L AR 533, 537; Select at least three from the L AR 510’s or L AR 520’s series (other non-studio L AR courses maybe taken with the permission of the Landscape Architecture Minor Advisor and the course instructor; note that many of the other courses have technical pre-requisites). Students in the Architecture program are strongly encouraged to take a 400-level studio in Landscape Architecture (subject to availability). Students outside the Architecture program are strongly encouraged to take ARCH 102 Lesson in Making (3) in addition to the courses listed above. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences must submit a “VISTAA” report to their advisor in Landscape Architecture.

Course Descriptions

See the Major in Architecture for course descriptions.

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