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Graduate Record 2006-2007 
Graduate Record 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering offers graduate degree programs in civil engineering. Civil engineering is one of the broadest engineering professions, encompassing such diverse areas as aerospace; construction; environmental, geotechnical, structural, and transportation engineering. Civil engineers are the fabricators of modern society and the protectors of our environment. They deal with people and their management, materials and their use, designs and their application, and the problems of interweaving these factors to serve society.

Graduate study provides opportunities for the development of professional engineering competence and scholarly achievement. Students are prepared for careers leading to management positions in research, development, and design that require creative abilities in solving engineering problems.

A variety of fellowships and assistantships provide financial assistance to qualified graduate students in civil engineering. Research assistantships are available through grants or contracts that support research projects conducted by the faculty. A number of research assistantships are also available through the Virginia Transportation Research Council, a research division of the Virginia Department of Transportation, located on the University Grounds. A limited number of teaching assistantships are available each year to provide tutorial assistance to faculty in several lecture and laboratory courses. In addition, a number of graduate engineering fellowships and tuition scholarships are sponsored by the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Students are also encouraged to apply for various national fellowship awards, including those offered through NSF, NASA, AFOSR, ONR, and DOT, among others.

Degrees offered in civil engineering include the Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, the Master of Science in Civil Engineering, and the Doctor of Philosophy. The department also participates in the Virginia Cooperative Graduate Engineering Program and provides televised graduate-level courses leading to the Master of Engineering degree. These courses are broadcast live to a variety of locations within Virginia and to selected sites throughout the country.

The requirements for the conferring of the degrees of Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, are the same as those for the School of Engineering and Applied Science given under ‘Degree Requirements.’

The requirements for the conferring of the Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering include the requirements stipulated for the School of Engineering and Applied Science as indicated under ‘Degree Requirements’ with the following additional requirement: The program must include a minimum of 12 credits of formal course work beyond the minimum of 24 credits required for the M.S. degree by the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Within the Department of Civil Engineering, the principal programs of graduate study are environmental engineering, structural and solid mechanics, transportation engineering, and applied mechanics.

Detailed requirements for Civil Engineering degrees are posted on the department’s web site, www.ce.virginia.edu.