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Graduate Record 2018-2019 
Graduate Record 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Human Services

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                                                        Programs/Course: Clinical Psychology (PhD)  
                                                                                         Counselor Education (MEd)  
                                                                                                             Communication Sciences and Disorders  

The Department of Human Services provides educational experiences and training for individuals preparing for professional careers in areas related to human development and clinical services in both the physical and psychological domains. Graduate programs sponsored by this department include communication sciences and disorders, counselor education, and clinical and school psychology. Faculty are involved in training, research, and scholarship. They provide professional leadership to the Commonwealth and the nation on issues related to assisting individuals in the development of their full physical and psychological potential for productive and satisfying learning, leisure, and work.

The specializations within each program area include laboratory and clinical experiences. Each of the programs within this department seeks to apply knowledge from its disciplinary base to settings that enhance individual development, both physically and psychologically. For example, programs in counseling and clinical psychology require extensive clinical/psychological experiences. Similarly, communication sciences and disorders and clinical psychology, have strong clinical/medical aspects and involve extensive interactions with the School of Medicine and other units of the University of Virginia.