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Undergraduate Record 2006-2007 
Undergraduate Record 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

MSE 306 - Physical Metallurgy Principles: Structures and Properties of Metals

Presents physical metallurgy concepts at an advanced undergraduate level. Important structural concepts include crystallography, bonding, point defects, dislocations, grain boundaries, twins, phase transformations, and precipitates. In parallel, an introduction to structure characterization via optical metallography, x-ray diffraction and electron microscopy is provided. The properties of interest are primarily structural: modulus, thermal expansion, strength, and their anisotropies, however, the relationships between structure and other properties, such as conductivity, will be also discussed. Throughout the course, relevant information about the structure, properties and alloys of numerous metals and alloys will be woven into the discussion of the underlying concepts. (Y)

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: MSE 209; MSE 305 recommended.

Credits: 3