Nov 20, 2018  
Undergraduate Record 2006-2007 
Undergraduate Record 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

COMM 180 - Making Business Work

A Commerce course designed for students without previous business courses. It introduces basic, useful, and useable concepts that under gird American business practice. Basic theory and skills in the areas of strategy, finance, accounting, and marketing will be covered. Lecture and case study approach will allow students to hone critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills while addressing emergent issues in business practice. Students will be exposed to Microsoft Excel and Access as tools to structure and solve business problems. Specific topics include defining the business model, understanding financial statements, formulating a marketing strategy, and analyzing consumer behavior. The goal of this course is to provide useful tools for students interested in business and to provide a platform for subsequent commerce coursework. (S)

Credits: 4