Feb 07, 2023  
Graduate Record 2022-2023 
Graduate Record 2022-2023

EDHS 7290 - Essential Counseling Skills

Effective Start Date: 08/01/2009
This initial course in counseling is required for all master’s level students in the counselor Education program. The primary focus is on fundamental attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for developing effective helping relationships. A key feature of this course is the opportunity to practice essential counseling skills and experience the counseling process in a safe, controlled environment. This course also encourages self awareness and self exploration so that students can gain an understanding of how their own personal experiences, preferences, feelings, values, and world views impact their practice as a counselor. Prerequisite/Corequisite: EDHS 7210, 7230 or instructor permission.

Credits: 3
Grading Basis: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory