Aug 18, 2022  
Undergraduate Record 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Record 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

ISSS 4455 - Social Inequality

This course explores systems of social inequality: feudalism, caste and slavery, class, and status groups, primarily in American society, but with reference to Europe and the Indian sub-continent as well. Starting with the fundamental concepts of Karl Marx and Max Weber, students will discuss the theoretical constructs that define systems of inequality, consider some historical examples, and then examine “social stratification” in our own country. Does the United States have a class system? If so, what are its characteristics? Joining the scholarly debate on this issue, students will consider the meaning of equal opportunity and social mobility for achieving the “American dream.” The course also explores the empirical consequences of social inequality for every day life: in health and wellness, housing, education, and family structure.

Credits: 3