Sep 20, 2018  
Summer Record 2005 
Summer Record 2005 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

BIOL 853 - Ecology and Conservation of Freshwater Fishes

Students investigate the ecology and conservation of freshwater fishes through a series of discussions, lectures, lab, and field exercises. Field work in wade-able streams comprises about half of the total course time. Students learn qualitative and quantitative ecological methods and analyses. The course focuses on processes and conditions that affect abundance and distribution of fishes at multiple scales, from local fish assemblages within stream reaches to drainage-wide fish faunas. Field work includes visits to streams in the James, New, and Roanoke drainages. Students use the MLBS fish collection and field experience to learn fish identification and classification. The first portion of the semester provides an introduction to the biology of fishes. (SS)

Prerequisites & Notes
Enrollment limited to 12 students.
0900 to 1600. July 25 to August 5 MTWRF; Mark Kopeny

Credits: 2