Feb 17, 2019  
Graduate Record 2011-2012 
Graduate Record 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

CJ 5150 - Futuristics and Law Enforcement: Foreseeing, Managing and Creating the 21st Century

This course is a seminar in which law enforcement managers are introduced to the study of Futuristics and the ways in which it can assist in forecasting, managing and creating preferable futures. The course is divided into five areas: Introduction, Where We Are/Where We’ve Been, Possible Futures, Where We Want to Go, and Getting There.  Students will complete a comprehensive project (written and oral) in which they will forecast possible futures for their agency and community, decide upon a preferable future or futures, and devise various strategies for achieving that preferable future. It is expected that this project will be of sufficient quality to be of use to the student’s agency upon his/her return.          

Credits: 3